Lost in a hurricane Peter Larner



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344 pages


Lost in a hurricane  by  Peter Larner

Lost in a hurricane by Peter Larner
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Extreme weather conditions are the result of:A. Global warmingB. Mother NatureC. El NinoD. A global conspiracy by the worlds major powers to gain control of the weather.The answer is (D) and its Jack Dalys job to ensure it remains a secret.But can he do that whilstA. Nursing a mother who is suffering from Alzheimers diseaseB. Maintaining a relationship with his feisty Italian girlfriend.C. Creating bizarre tabloid stories under the guise of being a script writer for the TV weather readers.D. Avoiding a murder charge.There are no lifelines available to readers of this book.

But you can discover how Jack solves the mystery by:A. Reading the book.B. Skimming the book and missing the best parts.C. Taking the authors mates Laurie and Graham down the pub and asking them.D. Stumbling upon the one true clue hidden at the centre of this mystery.

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