Homebodies Charles Addams


Published: March 1965


128 pages


Homebodies  by  Charles Addams

Homebodies by Charles Addams
March 1965 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 128 pages | ISBN: | 9.26 Mb

The book is a series of mostly 1 panel page length illustrations Charles Addams drew for the New Yorker in the 40s and 50s. Some of them feature his most famous creations The Addams Family but most do not, while all feature his brilliant sense of humour.Some of the best from this book include:A couple opening the door on Halloween to a short alien saying Im sorry, sonny. Weve run out of candy while the wider picture shows the landscape swarming with aliens and the skies filled with alien spacecraft.Pugsley and Wednesday (while the Addams family are in the book, they are unnamed at this point in Addams career) building a large fire in the fireplace while Gomez and Morticia look on smiling The little dears!

They still believe in Santa Claus.A 50s version of To Catch a Predator where a policeman holds up a book to the man in the doorway asking Are you the Arthur Johnson who lost his diary? while dozens of policemen wait in the shadows.Theres a sketch that was used on the Simpsons 40 years after Addams drew it of Wednesday fixing a shark fin onto Pugsley before he jumps into the river where other kids are playing (Homer: Aaah Sharkboy!).A father smiling indulgently to his son stood in the doorway looking anxious, saying I give up, Robert.

What does have two horns, one eye, and creeps? while on the stairs is a grotesque monster.Uncle Fester taking the kids fishing- Pugsley is carrying a box of dynamite.Passengers on a train looking out of the window to see a giant child with a giant train set controller.The drawings and humour feel very contemporary but are more than 50 years old.

I enjoyed the hell out of this book and can see how far ahead Charles Addams was in terms of his work and how hes gone on to influence so many artists in his wake. Its a shame that there isnt an up to date version of his work, a retrospective or compendium of his best stuff, because the used prices for his books are astronomical.

Still, if you can find them in your library or see them in a second hand bookshop I highly recommend his work. Very funny, very well drawn, a true classic comics pioneer.

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